Big celebration for a small milestone!

“Don’t do it. It’s a complete waste of time.”

For anyone that has tried something new or adventurous, you’ve probably heard comments like this before.

My experience with these naysayers started last year when I decided to start making videos about industrial real estate.

I’m honoured to work on a…

It’s not an understatement to call 2020 a tumultuous year. There was fear and uncertainty gripping the commercial real estate market in March, only for the tables to turn to see a build up and subsequent frenzy to finish the year.

And while there appears to be an optimism as…

To fill a gap in the market for education on industrial real estate, I’m producing a series of videos about investing in the asset class.

I’m going to talk about the basics, including the main categories, the first set of important considerations and key terms you’ll want to know.


Read (or watch) at your own risk

This article might be the most meaningless thing you read today.

It is trite, inconsequential, and hopelessly meandering. And unless you share content online, you will not find this very interesting. Hell, even if you do, you might find this article entirely pointless.

But I found the topic fascinating.


Chad Griffiths

Industrial real estate broker & partner at NAI Commercial. Interviewing industry leaders on my Youtube channel. #MBA #SIOR #CCIM

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